Our Commercial Relationships & Site Ethos

Best-Course-Online.com is a platform designed to help students find and evaluate the best online courses for their needs.

In the process of building up this resource, we have established relationships with a number of providers. Some of these providers have an affiliate program that Best-Course-Online is a member of. This means that in some instances, when a user clicks through to one of the providers featured on our site and makes a purchase, the provider pays a percentage of that purchase to Best-Course-Online.com. This is what funds Best-Course-Online.com and it enables us to keep developing the site into a more and more useful resource for people who want to develop their skills.

Best-Course-Online.com is a member of the following affiliate programs: Udemy.com, Craftsy.com, Amazon.com & Google’s Adsense program.

Having said that, money is not all powerful! Here are some of the ways we try to ensure that everyone has a positive experience using our site:

  • User Reviews: One of the key features of Best-Course-Online.com is our user review system: This allows all students to contribute to the reviews & ratings of the courses.
  • Only Quality Courses: Some courses don’t make it onto our site: This is actually the reason you won’t see any “Editor Ratings” below “3”: We filter out low quality courses to save you time.
  • Constant Updates to Content: We regularly add new courses and content to Best-Course-Online.com so check back often! Also, if you know of a great online course that isn’t listed please send us the details!
  • We Take Feedback Into Account: If you spot anything that doesn’t look right on our site let us know and we’ll look into it right away!

We’ve provided this information in the interests of transparency. If you have any questions or comments about our relationships or recommendations please contact us at: contact@best-course-online.com and we’ll be happy to respond!