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Coursera Overview

Coursera is a popular MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Site. It features over 600 courses from universities, educational organisations and teachers.

How Do The Classes Work on Coursera?

The courses are scheduled with specific start dates. So ideally you should sign up on or before that date, although they do allow students to sign up for a period after the start date, assuming they catch up! Courses generally include a quiz at the end of each lesson to evaluate your understanding. It is a multiple choice quiz and is marked instantly by the Coursera system. Each course features a forum area: Students are encouraged to get involved in the discussions, which can be as interesting as the course itself!

Key Features of Coursera

  • The quizzes at the end of each lesson are a great way to ensure that you pay attention and learn the material!
  • The course forums often provide diverse points of view and interesting discussions.

What Support is Available For Students on Coursera?

Support for the students is centred around the forum on Coursera for the course. The tutor of the course usually plays a very active role in answering questions and guiding discussions on the forum. In fact, teachers often incorporate feedback that they receive in the forums into subsequent versions of the course. Also, the fact that the courses are scheduled creates an online community of students, all taking the course at the same time: This has the effect of focusing the discussions on each of the lessons as and when you view them.

How is Course Quality Maintained on Coursera?

Courses are published by well-known universities, organisations or public figures. They usually have an established track record of providing quality content. Please remember to write a review on the courses you take on so that everyone can make informed choices, based on independent reviews, thanks!

How Much Do The Courses Cost on Coursera?

All Courses on Coursera are free!

Mobile Apps / Tablet Compatibility on Coursera

Coursera has apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

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How to Get Started With a Coursera Course

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