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Udemy Overview

Udemy is a great site if you want to learn skills for your work. The platform has over 10,000 courses and this is being added to regularly. There is a huge variety of subjects covered including:
Excel, Word, Web & Mobile Development / Software, Photoshop, 3D & Rendering, Entrepreneurship, Negotiation, Project Management, SAP, Branding, Financial Planning, Investing, Presentation, SEO, Video Marketing, Time Management, Digital Photography, Teaching, Networking, Film Making, Writing, Publishing & Web Design.

How Do The Classes Work on Udemy?

Once you have signed up to the course, you are given full access to the course and the course materials for life. So you can start whenever you want, work at your own pace and stop/resume whenever you like.

Key Features of Udemy

  • Udemy courses can be project based and often include high quality example files/templates so that you can follow along with the tutor’s demonstrations.
  • For popular subjects, there are often a number of different courses available: So you can choose the one who’s content and style best suit your learning needs.
  • Some courses are updated with new material: These lessons are free for students that have already sign up to the course!

What Support is Available For Students on Udemy?

Udemy automatically provides a forum area for each course where students that have enrolled can post questions and answers related to the course at any time. Also, the course tutor often checks in regularly to this area and answers student questions directly.

How is Course Quality Maintained on Udemy?

Udemy has a department dedicated to ensuring that Udemy Instructors produce good quality courses: They provide guidance and resources to help with the technical aspects such as sound, visuals and video production. They also provide a knowledge base and forum to ensure tutors are informed about the latest best practices in course structure and content.
All courses must be approved by Udemy before they are published and available to the public. The Udemy team use a detailed quality assurance checklist to ensure all courses meet the required standards.
Some subjects have many choices of courses on Udemy, such as “Excel”. In these cases, it’s a good idea to check out the user reviews, so that you can decide which course is best for you: Please remember to write a review on the courses you take on so that everyone can make informed choices, based on independent reviews, thanks!

How Much Do The Courses Cost on Udemy?

There are some free courses on Udemy although for many of the best and most complete courses, you should expect to pay. A large proportion of the courses are between $9-$99. Some of the longer and project based courses can costs up to around $399.

Mobile Apps / Tablet Compatibility on Udemy

Udemy has apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Many courses allow you to download the lessons to your mobile device so that you can view them even when offline.

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How to Get Started With a Udemy Course

Browse the reviews on Then click on the ‘Official Course Page Button’ on the review page: This will take you directly to the page on Udemy which shows the full info and sign up procedure for the course you’re interested in.

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