How Can I Find the Best Udemy Coupons? $9.99 & 75-95% Off Deals

There are 2 types of promotions on Udemy:

Udemy Site Coupons: These are limited time offers run by Udemy and usually apply to most of the courses on Udemy. They might run a coupon deal where ‘All Courses are $9.99 Each’ or ‘All Courses are 75% Off’.

Udemy Instructor Coupons: Instructors also have the option to create coupons for their own courses. They are free to create a coupon that creates any discount that they like, as long as the final sale price is $9.99 or above: This is why you can get valuable courses for 90% off or more sometimes! So the best Udemy coupons for some courses are those created by the instructors.

Udemy has set a minimum sale price of $9.99 for any paid course. More info about Udemy Pricing.

If this is a bit confusing, don’t worry – we’ve done all the legwork for you and found you the best coupons for each course – simply browse or search here on for the course you want and you’ll see the best coupon deal available right on the course page: Easy!