How Can I Get Udemy Courses For Free? (100% Off Coupon)

Some courses on Udemy are permanently free: You don’t need a 100% Off coupon for these; You simply sign up!

It is also possible to get some paid courses for free: Udemy gives the instructors the option to make coupons that create any discount the instructor wants to apply. Sometimes the instructors create a 100% Off coupon for their Udemy course(s). If you sign up with a 100% Off coupon you get all the benefits of a paid student including Lifetime Access, the Working Files & Support from the Teacher.

There are various reasons why Udemy instructors choose to offer 100% Off Coupons for their courses:

  • At Launch: Every teacher wants to have students and offering their course free when they launch it means that they have lots of students right from day one.
  • To Create a Support Community: Learning is can be more fun and productive when supported by a community of students with similar interests and goals: Students can ask and answer questions in the course forum, which creates a richer learning experience for all.
  • To Get Feedback: Feedback from students can often give the instructors valuable insights which help them improve the course.